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Although your child has a set of teeth that will eventually be replaced, those teeth must survive until their adult ones emerge. Having them remain in place makes it more likely that their adult teeth will correctly emerge with enough space. This is why oral hygiene is vital once your baby's teeth start emerging. Your child should learn proper oral hygiene from a very young age. Sometimes, no matter what you do, your child will wind up with cavities. Caring for cavities in kids is quite similar to that among adults, since the preservation of teeth is the most important aspect.

Even though your child's baby teeth are not permanent, they are the teeth that they will have for a number of years until the emergence of their adult teeth. If your child develops cavities, your dentist will need to drill out the tooth decay and fill it in. Their primary teeth will be replaced, but are required so that their adult teeth emerge properly.

Pediatric Dental Fillings for Tooth Decay

Like with adult teeth, dental fillings for kids are constructed from either metal or white composite. Other types of filling materials like ceramic and gold are rarely used for pediatric dental fillings. Metal is a popular construction material for fillings due to the fact that it makes the process quicker and is less expensive than composite pediatric dental fillings. Although your child may not prefer the appearance of metal in their mouth, it can make a smart move.

We will remove tooth decay from the baby teeth of your child as needed. Based upon the extent of the damage, we will fill in the tooth or place a dental crown. Regardless, kids should maintain sound oral hygiene habits to care for dental fillings or dental crowns, no matter if baby teeth or permanent teeth are involved.

Tooth Decay Can Return

Even though we do all we can to remove every bit of tooth decay, it can be a recurring problem. Cavities found in between teeth have increased chances of developing recurring cavities than cavities found on other types of tooth surfaces that are exposed. When tooth decay returns, a replacement filling must be provided.

Number of Fillings Needed

When we repair cavities, we may put in all needed dental fillings at one time. This has to do with the individual child, not the medical situation. Some children are able to sit for long periods in a dental chair, while others are more restless. In this case, multiple appointments make more sense and help to prevent the situation from becoming overly negative for the child. We want them to return for regular checkups into their adult lives.

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