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Pediatric dentistry is concerned with many of the same problems that adult patients have. However, the patient is very different in this case. Your pediatric dentist and staff are trained to account for the special needs of very young children. They have the ability to make them comfortable in this unusual environment so that they form good dental habits that serve them throughout their lives.

Thumb Sucking

It is perfectly normal for infants to suck on a thumb or finger. We do encourage parents to stop this behavior if it has not stopped on its own by the time the child has reached the age of around three. Persistent thumb sucking can eventually cause bite problems and crooked teeth.

Maintain a positive approach, and encourage your child to stop thumb sucking by praising them when they are not doing so. Your pediatric dentist can also provide tips to help your child break this habit.


When your child begins teething, you may be in for some stressful nights. Teething is a major cause of sleep disturbances during a baby's first six months of life, carrying through to the age of two years old.

Babies typically begin teething between the ages of six and eight months old. However, some children may not have a first tooth emerge until they are one year old, or slightly older. The first teeth to emerge are usually the two bottom front teeth. By the time your child is about two and a half, all 20 of their baby teeth should have emerged.

It is a good thing to properly educate yourself so that you know what to expect before your baby's teeth begin coming in. Some things to look for, typically around the age of six months, include irritability together with a lot of chewing or biting on hard objects, as well as drooling. Additional signs that your baby's teeth are emerging include tenderness and swelling, and disrupted sleep.

Some things that can help your baby as they go through teething include:

  • Provide them with a teething ring for chewing. Avoid those filled with liquid or ones that could break.
  • Do not use topical pain relievers applied to the gums.
  • Gently rub their gums using a wet, cool washcloth.

Finally, make an appointment to take your baby to a pediatric dentist by the time they have reached the age of one. They can get their first appointment to look for any signs of trouble, while you can be provided with the correct information to ensure that they have a healthy smile for a lifetime.

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